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Mobile Fitness is an online service designed for individuals and corporates to be able to find athletic trainers that perfectly fit their fitness needs. Anything from yoga to MMA, to bodybuilding to Zumba, football, Self-Defense, nutrition, gymnastics, swimming, archery, fencing, and more. All Mobile Fitness trainers are certified and evaluated to be the best in their respective fields.

At Mobile Fitness, we value our clients' goals and are dedicated to matching  you with the best possible trainer that specializes in what you are looking to accomplish.

-Private Clients-
Before booking your first session, you will be contacted by a live specialized fitness consultant to examine every aspect of your fitness needs ALL FOR FREE. You will then be set up with the best trainer and routine workouts accordingly. All of our trainers are fully equipped and will come to you at your desired time and location.

-Corporate Clients-
We at Mobile Fitness guarantee full member satisfaction, by taking full control of your company fitness training needs, whether is private employee training or a public gym, we offer many benefits that will make the company and members/employees very happy that they have chosen Mobile Fitness. 

Who I Am


Devin Hooten, Founder and CEO of Mobile Fitness, is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Boxer, and certified Self defense trainer. He came up with the idea of Mobile Fitness when he realized how many people were not comfortable going to gyms or simply didn't have the time or the resources to do so. He also realized how hard it was to find a personal trainer that would come to the homes of the trainees at a reasonable price and fit the personal fitness needs of the client. So, why not create app/industry that would do it for them.

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